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About H2 LLC and BDA/DAS Antenna Systems

Stable Communications for First Responders

H2 LLC serves the southeastern United States and is a subsidiary of Huxtable Electric, Inc. Our primary product is Bi-Directional Antenna Amplifier – Distributed Antenna Systems (BDA/DAS), which we began offering after learning about the communications difficulties first responders were facing on a regular basis.

Our Story

We interviewed many firefighters, police officers, and EMT personnel and found that most were concerned when entering critical situations because they lacked the robust communications systems necessary to properly manage any event or crisis.

After conducting our own research, we agreed that many organizations’ Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems were inadequate for communicating and serving the public in emergency situations.

Thus, we began providing BDA/DAS systems, which are now being required by many government and private organizations.

In addition to our expertise in these systems, we partner with industry leaders to provide commercial and residential customers with Lightning Protection, Security/Access Control, Fire Alarm Systems, Lighting Control/Dimming Systems, and Audio/Visual Systems.

Expert Help Is Here

Call the experts at H2 850-420-8376 for a free consultation about your communications, safety, and automation needs. We’re happy to help!

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